We invest in real estate to create enduring quality and long-term outperformance


PHG Philosophy

We focus on returns, not AUM.

We opportunistically target deep value add real estate offering asymmetric return profiles. We invest substantial personal capital in every opportunity to align with our partners and fully share their business objectives.

Our Approach

PHG Approach

When an attractive investment opportunity surfaces, we move with conviction to secure the asset and tackle its challenges.

Market Expertise

We apply a bottoms-up approach in crafting our investment thesis by focusing on a handful of markets.

Transaction Management

We bring together the ingredients necessary to close complex transactions.

Operating Capability

We dedicate substantial in-house resources to leasing, construction, finance and reporting.

Asset Management

We proactively manage to our business plan vis-a-vis concept, timing, cost and the market environment.

Capital Markets

We close complex transactions based on long-standing debt and equity relationships


We communicate with our capital partners to expedite strategic decision making through all phases of the business plan.

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